A Powerful Wednesday Night Prayer Service:


As you all know by now or should know by now we at HBC have something we like to call our “RED LETTER” pray list. This is a special list we create every Wednesday night. We each get a turn to write on the white board with a RED dry erase marker our pray request, concerns, and request from others, prayers range from our family pets like Xena, Sugar Dog, and little Molly, to helping us finding our car keys. We also add very serious things to this list: unspoken, many prayers of thanks, faith and salvation, our Sunday school, our church community, traveling mercy, your will be done, the USA, the family members of shootings, police, military, and our first responders. We all come one by one a give God our heart of hearts. We have seen God’s work in many many ways we have seen him heal the sick, save marriages, and we have seen him give new life. We as a church lift our prayers to God in accord.

This past Wednesday was a special kind of “red Letter” list, not only did we pray for the sick, lost, and the broken, we wanted to take the time to pray for our vacation bible school. So one by one our Pastor went around the room and each person in attendance prayed for VBS. I have been in many situations in my life and I have felt God move around me, but I have never felt that much power in one room.

After our VBS prayer service was over Pastor Doug brought something to mind. He said “could you just imagine the glory God felt knowing that his children were praying together like that. Just try to imagine what our prayers would look like if we put them all together and banded them and sent them to haven, how strong they would be.”

I have never thought about that be for. What would that look like? How strong would our prayer be? How unbreakable?

So yesterday while I was sitting at the office I got the bright idea to see just what would that look like.

I took 24 pieces of string (one piece for each person’s prayer) and bradded them into sections of 3, then I took the 8 section and braded them into sets of 2 and twisted the remaining 2 into 1. The final step was to braid them altogether. I was so amazed at how strong the individual pieces of string became when they were all band together.  I now have a strong reminder on my arm about not only VBS but what the power of prayer looks like.

If you have not found or witnessed the true power of God, then I triple dog dare you to come see us on a Wednesday.


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